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The Association of Air Force Missileers (AAFM) is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization dedicated to:

  • Preserving the heritage of Air Force Missile systems and the people involved with them
  • Recognizing outstanding missileers.
  • Encouraging Meetings and Reunions
  • Keeping missileers informed
  • Providing a central point of contact for missileers

AAFM has more than 3,900 members with experience in every Air Force missile system from the earliest systems developed after World War II to current missile and space systems. Members have been or are now involved in every aspect of missile and space research, development, test, operation, maintenance, instruction, security and support, both as members of the Air Force and as contractors. They range from those who served a single tour of duty as a young officer or airman to the most senior officer and enlisted leadership in the Air Force today.

The primary web page for AAFM is located at www.afmissileers.org

This web page was added in 2006 to provide a home for Greg Ogletree's superb missile patch collection, and improved site for our store for donations to the association and other special uses. Enter the Missile Patch Gallery

To join AAFM, go to our primary web page at Membership and Dues


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